Wrinkle Removals

prevent wrinklesProcedures for wrinkle removal are still at its hype. Yes these have been present for years already but there are still a lot of movements for improvement and even for the introduction of new procedures.

However, as users, we definitely want the best procedure for this concern. Cost may be higher but as long as it delivers what we expect it’s ok.

Botox injection is the first procedure that is widely known for wrinkle removal. It has been used and accepted for about 10 years already. However, this procedure is only for short-term treatments of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Botox is a bacterial protein toxin that causes muscles to relax thus making the wrinkles disappear.

In some procedures, instead of using Botox, they rather use collagen to be injected in the skin. Collagen is a natural protein responsible for the skin structure, thus, by injecting the skin with this protein it is expected that the skin will develop and maintain its natural elasticity and moisture. This procedure has actually been used for over 25 years already.

These are just two of many skin injectable fillers being used for wrinkle removal. And these two have been used by many and their efficacies are proven. There may still be side effects that could be observed but these can be meticulously handled already.

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