I don’t go out without makeup on. Whether I am going to the mall, a simple walk to the park or a trip with friends, I always have my makeup on. My makeup kit is the last thing I will ever forget about. I love makeup. I feel ecstatic whenever people comment on me looking even better. Wearing makeup makes me beautiful, modesty aside. But, one thing really bothered me, it is the fact that makeup causes wrinkles. I then questioned the why’s of makeup causing wrinkles.

The skin is made up of collagen fibers, these fibers provide us with youthful and glowing skin. However, when damage occurs to the collagen fibers, we certainly will undergo premature aging and wrinkles are most likely to develop also. How then does makeup cause wrinkles? Makeup, then, is found to be composed of chemical substances with harmful toxins that are considered unsafe to the skin. Harmful chemicals found in makeup include the ff: Petroleum by- products that can be found in concealing sticks and foundations; Parabens, dioxanes and fragrances. The said chemicals lead to the breakdown of essential collagen fibers. And to add to what was mentioned earlier, when it gets damaged, the outcome would be weak skin- loose, wrinkled and all.

Makeup causes wrinkles we have the facts already. But I believe that there are helpful alternatives. And there really is for this particular makeup dilemma. The alternatives would be to buy all- natural makeup products to avoid all those wrinkle- causing chemicals found in makeup. But this one though, will might give us a hard time as there isn’t an abundance of all- natural makeup in the market. The other one is finding an effective anti- aging cream that will fight the effects of premature aging and wrinkles. And lastly, the best alternative is that we must always have a healthy skin regimen- there is nothing like it. Makeup will for sure add to beauty but a healthy skin regimen is what really makes us beautiful!

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