can dehydration cause wrinklesIt was an unusually hot afternoon and I was feeling very thirsty. My skin was drying up, it was getting flaky and all from too much heat and I wanted to hydrate or freshen up. As I was passing by my neighbor’s house, I stopped to chat and ask for a glass of water. She gave me one and even told me that she noticed a few lines on my face. I was quite worried with the remarks and asked her “can dehydration cause wrinkles?

The famous myth about drinking water and wrinkles; well, my neighbor was kind enough to explain to me the answer to my question. Although a few articles on the internet discuss that the myth is false, we could not deny the fact that our body is made up of 60% water, therefore making hydration important. As we age, our skin will most likely become incapable of retaining moisture for our skin; therefore making it hard for our system to repair skin damage and generate new cells. So can dehydration cause wrinkles?

Quite so, but that remains to be proven. Now let’s discuss the facts, our skin’s moisture enables us to look healthier, livelier and more revitalized. And what can we do to improve moisture? The answer is hydration. And that can be done through the intake of adequate amounts of water, 6-8 glasses a day that is.

Dehydration causes the highlighting of wrinkles on the face. The myth “can dehydration cause wrinkles” maybe true and maybe false at the same time but either way, it is very essential to hydrate not only for the benefit of wrinkle reduction but as well as for the health of our physical bodies.

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