What’s Your Pillow?

Get Enough SleepThe other day, our 50-year old grandmother visited us and stayed with us overnight. As I was talking to her, I was fond of looking at her face for she has fewer wrinkles compared to other women at her age. I then asked her how she reduces wrinkle at her age.

She told me her skin care secrets but what got my attention most was when she asked me “What’s your pillow? A good choice of pillow is important.” How on earth can a simple pillow help me prevent wrinkles?? I got more curious about this matter and I tried to verify what grandma told me. Upon checking some reviews, I found that it is true indeed.

Sleeping reduces wrinkle but how do we sleep? Our sleeping position can cause us to have creases and fine lines they call sleep lines or sleep wrinkles. These are results of how we rest our face on the pillow in the same way every time we sleep.

According to American Academy of Dermatology, most women sleep on their sides resulting to formation of lines on their chin and cheeks while most men, on the other hand, develop these lines on the forehead since they sleep with their face pressed down on the pillow.

It is because of this concern why there are also specialized pillows and pillowcases sold in the market. As what my grandma told me, the texture of the pillow reduces wrinkle. We must therefore choose softer pillow and there are also recommendations on using a silk-type of pillow.


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