What Is Anti-aging

Aging is one of the most studied subjects matter in science. Aging is coupled with physical changes; changes that we don’t like. And these changes are what we are most concerned of. This is the reason why anti-aging techniques are creating a niche in the market. How is anti-aging process being done?

Many research studies were done to explain to explain the process of aging. There are so many theories and hypothesis formulated to explain the process. But as I read them, they all convey the same thing – our cells are deteriorating. Every day, we have a number of cells dying that are naturally dying in response to the daily stress that we encounter, internally and externally. But there are also new cells formed to replace the lost ones. This is the part of the natural mechanism of our system, which the science called as Cellular Regeneration.

This cellular regeneration process is said to require a lot of energy. While we are still young, our cells are said to be in its active state and therefore they regenerate faster. But as we grow old, our cells also grew weaker, their potential to regenerate decreases and the number of “free radicals” are accumulated in our body. As a result, we observe changes in our body at certain levels of our age like changes in metabolism, changes in menstrual cycle (for women), thinning and drying of the skin and later on the wrinkling of the skin. This deteriorating behavior of our cell is therefore what the anti-aging process wants to prevent.

The process of anti-aging is carried through by means of preventing these “age-causing factors” from damaging our cells. Some of these factors include the person’s skin type, heredity, climate, eating habits and even occupational and leisure activities. These factors contribute to the stress our body is exposed to; hence, more “free radicals” are produced and damage our cells. We really can’t get away with stress but with the help of science, we can now get rid of these “free radicals”. These are the basic target of many anti-aging processes. By eliminating these “free radicals”, the cells are prevented from being damaged while undergoing cellular regeneration.

There are so many techniques used in accomplishing the anti-aging process. These techniques follow the same principle as presented above. But their efficacy level and potential result varies from each other.

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