How do I prevent wrinkles? Let me count the ways. If you think it’s an easy task to prevent wrinkles, well, that is where you are going wrong. Wrinkles are a part of aging and we are all going to age someday. It’s your choice whether or not you are going to delay wrinkling or make them appear earlier than expected. I have been hearing elders talk about their choice of delaying the sign of aging, and most of them are using wrinkle reduction creams.

What is a wrinkle reduction cream anyway? How does it help in preventing and reducing wrinkles? What does it contain? Well, I used a little bit of help from Google and tried to ask him these questions. Fortunately, he answered. Wrinkle creams are composed mostly of the following ingredients, and here are their benefits, just for the information of many.

  1. First off, your wrinkle reduction cream is to contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a kind of ingredient that is responsible for the exfoliation of skin. Although your cream may not mention the content of AHA but it will most likely mention the sources of AHA such as Citric acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, and Tartaric Acid.
  2. Second, the most important ingredient that is beneficial in wrinkle reduction is Retinol, a compound you can find in Vitamin A that is supposed to help in the softening of your wrinkles’ edges. It makes your wrinkles look less deep; therefore making your skin look fine.
  3. Coenzyme Q10; another beneficial ingredient that aids in the correction of skin damage.
  4. Out in the market, most companies that produce wrinkle creams add in additional ingredients to their product to make it more effective, one ingredient they are most likely to add would be Vitamin E. Vitamin E has been proven to protect the skin from the skin’s harmful rays. It even has the ability to hydrate skin.
  5. One more additional ingredient is the Shea butter; this element is extracted from the product of the Shea tree.  Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin and it contains high amounts of Vitamins A, E, and F. Vitamins that are well-known for the benefits they bring for the skin.

These ingredients are only some of the ingredients that a wrinkle reduction cream is more likely to contain. Warning though, here are some harmful ingredients that dermatologists don’t see as a recommendation when you choose your wrinkle creams. Fragrance, alcohol, and mineral oil; these three ingredients are unnecessary for they can even contribute to wrinkle production than wrinkle reduction.

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