Left and right, we see, hear and know of women and even men who are engrossed with being flawless. The quest of being flawless will not be complete without the removal of unwanted hair in the body. One of the most popular means of hair removal is waxing. But, what risks are there with this procedure? Does waxing cause wrinkles?

Waxing as mentioned earlier, is a procedure that removes unwanted hair from any part of the body- like, the eyebrows, face, bikini, area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet, temporarily. The results are considered temporary because new hair will tend to grow back after two to eight weeks and in some cases even, just a week. Many types of waxing procedures are available in salons, dermatological clinics, and there are also do-it-at home kits. But just like any other treatments, we always need to find out if there are any side-effects to the procedure. And yes, waxing, effective as it seems to be, carries a number of drawbacks and risks.

So, does waxing cause wrinkles? I will give a YES and an AMEN to that! As more people choose waxing as their means of hair removal, there is also the long- term problem of wrinkles. During the waxing procedure, the skin is tugged and pulled forcefully. For our information, continuous pulling and tugging leads to the loss of the skin’s elasticity and strength. When this happens, the skin is at a higher risk of having wrinkles. The wrinkling formation will be first seen on the most delicate skin areas but will take place on other affected areas as well.

Just when we thought it was all about being flawless and the sexy feeling afterwards, we are suddenly faced with the problem of wrinkles. Therefore, if the answer to the query, does waxing cause wrinkles still does not convince you. Choose waxing as your means to hair removal and see whether you are waxing for beauty or waxing for wrinkles.

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