Does makeup cause wrinkles? First answer you’d get from women who are makeup lovers when asked with this question, is a question also, with an interrogative and exclamatory point at the end- WHAT????!!!! No woman understanding the benefits of makeup will react positively. Who will? Well, I won’t! Makeup makes us more attractive; women with makeup on become more of a sight to see. From the rags to princess kind perhaps. But is this matter a truth or a bluff?

Wrinkles develop because as we get older our skin loses some of the elasticity; it also becomes thinner and dry. That’s why lines begin to appear on our skin. A person’s genetic makeup however, also determines when and where wrinkles will begin to appear. Though the formation of wrinkles is to be expected as we age. Other factors outside of aging can contribute also to its development- too much exposure to the sun, smoking, lack of proper nourishment are some of these factors. But there’s good news for all ladies out there who are makeup lovers. Apparently, the question does makeup cause wrinkles is not something that should upset us because the truth is, MAKEUP itself does not cause wrinkles! But, caution should still be practiced. Just like when we neglect the need to remove makeup on our face before sleeping, it blocks our pores and our skin is robbed of the oxygen that it needs. If it is deprived of such, our skin will lose suppleness, thus it won’t spring back to its original shape instantly. Another is when we place too much force in applying makeup to our faces; it stretches out the skin and will again cause the loss of elasticity which in the long run will cause the formation of wrinkles on our face. We should be wise also in choosing the makeup we will use, some makeup’s can be reasons for the rise of our skin problems.

It’s a relief to know that makeup’s do not cause wrinkles. I can just rub off the question does makeup cause wrinkles from my mind, not just me but those who got bothered also with the subject. Even so, caution should be our way of life. Staying beautiful starts with it!

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