Who doesn’t want to look attractive? Men and women are all subject to vanity. We can spend a fortune if it promises that we will look good. I believe that many will agree with me on that. We invest especially on our faces. It isn’t a shock to know that people will first notice our face, so our faces are worth the pampering. But someday, somehow our face problems will not be limited anymore to pimples and the like. What if wrinkles start to appear? I guess, as early as now we should be able to determine the causes of this problem. What causes wrinkles on the face?

I have jotted below the causes of face- wrinkling. The causes I will cite can be categorized into two- the ones we have control of and those we don’t have control of:

  • Aging– well, this is uncontrollable; we all will age. Nothing can be done!
  • Dry skin– a skin that’s without moisture will most likely develop wrinkles; dry skin however is contributed also by pollution, poor diet, sun and wind exposure.
  • Weight loss– when a person loses weight the fat in the face is depleted; fat in the face contracts and shoos away wrinkle invaders.
  • Genes– our genes have a big say on whether or not we will acquire with wrinkles; just like aging we certainly have no control over this.
  • Lifestyle– does our daily living consist of cigarettes and alcohol drinking? Vices like this will certainly take its toll on us. Wrinkles will be one of the unwanted evidences.

Now, we have the answer to the query, what causes wrinkles on the face? Information is indeed important. This will provide us with ways and means to prevent and resolve the issue of face wrinkles.

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