Let’s Talk About Wrinkles

Honestly speaking I am afraid of getting old. It talks about wrinkles! Who would want wrinkles on their faces? We always tell that wrinkles are for older people. Later we have known that it can occur in our early days. That I am becoming more aware of it and wanting to prevent the wrinkles.

Of course we want to look young even though our age is adding up every year. Young as we are right now we need to know about these wrinkles and stop them as much as possible.

What are wrinkles? How they appear? How to prevent wrinkles naturally without wrinkle creams?

Forehead Wrinkle

The most common type where wrinkles could form is in your forehead. It is usually caused by your habitual expressions, the movements of your faces and much exposure to the sun . It’s quite normal for everyone having this type of wrinkle.

Eye Wrinkle

This is caused also by the muscle movements of our faces. Just when we are so exposed to the sunlight, we tend to look with the eyes partly closed that form lines in the corner of our eyes. Gravity is also the reason why we have this type of wrinkle. This is because our skin begins to sag or hang loosely.

Neck Wrinkle

Definitely, the main reason why we have this is because of effects of the gravity. This can occur in early 20’s and 30’s .

Entire Boby Wrinkle

This is what I don’t like about wrinkles. It can appear over the entire body. As we grow old, our skin loses its firmness. The weight of the skin is pulled down by gravity and thus forms lines of wrinkles.

We cannot stop aging. It is the process that we will be going through whether you like or not. We would want to avoid surgeries, botox injections and some procedures just to eliminate wrinkles.

But we can start some simple tips to prevent these types of wrinkles. One is to avoid and stop smoking. The contents minimize the production of collagen and this causes the wrinkles to grow even when you are young. We need to eat nutritious food and start living a healthy lifestyle.  A good diet and exercise will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Make sure that you always cover yourself and avoid exposure to the sun. With these, we can surely prevent wrinkles naturally. We just don’t need to rely with wrinkle creams but we need to be cautious enough on what and how to use it.

Yes, I admit it that sooner or later I am going to have wrinkles. But the fact that I want to look young can never stop me from at least trying all these tips. Better never than too late!

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Wrinkles

  1. Mhoele

    Wait until your mid 30 s or so. The anti-aging creams cause mosrutie to come to the surface, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. You have no need for that yet. Use a good skin cream rather than an anti-aging cream. And the best out there is actually inexpensive Eucirin or something like that. You can get it at a drug store. It really does work better and is recommended by dermatologists. I am 42 and have the skin of someone in their 20 s. Don’t spend $200 for La Mer and stuff like that.


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