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Understanding Lip Enhancement Injections

perioral wrinklesIf you are not too pleased with your lips and want to improve its appearance, lip augmentation is a solution you might want to consider.

This cosmetic procedure has become significantly popular in our times. It seems more and more people are interested to look better by having fuller lips. A dermal filler is administered to the patient by way of injection. These fillers contain substances that give your lips more volume.

These days, collagen is no longer the most prominent filler when it comes to lip enhancement. Many discoveries from recent years have proven that many alternatives are way safer and they assure longer-lasting effects. Other procedures that are no longer commonly used in our times include fat injections and implants. Continue reading

Is Your Nose Accentuating Your Age?

noseWhew – If you’re near 40, shockingly, your nose might be lengthening and creating you, the user, to look years older. Nose ideas that plunge as well as hook downward do not provide a rather psychological picture for a gorgeous face.

In addition to the nose idea sagging, the bridge of your nose might be experiencing, as well, with numerous lines and folds establishing flat atop your nose making this location of your nose show up thicker. Free throw lines and creases could emphasize the appearance of fatigue in your face. Simply seeing those tricky folds establishing could make you really feel hopeless.

Some ladies utilize paralyzing treatments to lessen squinting and those treatments will certainly not quit your nose from drooping.  Continue reading

“Stop frowning!”

what causes face wrinkles“Stop frowning!” I always hear my mother reprimand me on this ever since I was a 10 years old. I frown not because I’m sad or irritated but because frowning became my typical expression. But it is only now that I realized the implication of such habitual expression; now that I’m trying to avoid wrinkles on face.

I read a lot about how habitual facial expressions cause wrinkles. As our skin loses its elasticity (as a product of aging), our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkling even just through our simple expressions. Frown lines between eyebrows and crow’s feet around the eyes are examples of wrinkles that are due to expression habits. Continue reading