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Keeping The Skin Hydrated

Drink 6 glasses of water per day.Every time I check for an advice on proper skin care, I can always encounter counsels on keeping the skin properly hydrates. It is maybe because dehydration wrinkles are the most common form of skin wrinkles especially in the areas around the eyes.

Our body’s capability to retain moisture decreases as we get older. This is the reason why our skin becomes dehydrated giving us a dry and wrinkling skin.

With this, I think it is very vital for us to know how to properly keep our skin hydrated. Let’s make some self-check. Continue reading

Injectible Fillers As A Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Prevent WrinklesWe are all conscious of the presence of a wrinkle reduction treatment in the market. It is actually demanded by so many especially women who already started to develop wrinkles.

But are we also well-informed on the efficacy of such treatments? In reality, we only know its general purpose which is to reduce wrinkles. But on how effective it is on us, that we will know after the treatment was done.

There are a lot of treatments out there. But for this article, I will focus on Injectable Fillers as a wrinkle reduction treatment. Continue reading