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This “mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” is a famous line amongst young kids who dream of becoming Snow White. It sounds, yes, as the fairytale implies as a battle or competition on who is the prettiest. But, this too can be a famous line among women who are battling with their own self as the signs of aging, like wrinkles, appear on their face. The line is rephrased a bit to, “Mirror, mirror on the wall. WHAT HAS HAPPENED AFTER ALL?” Funny indeed but this struggle will only make us question, what causes wrinkles on face?

There are many underlying factors as to what causes wrinkles on face. But in this article I will name a few of the not so common factors that make wrinkles appear on our face. First, is our sugar consumption. As we age, sugar turns from sweet to bitter. Bitter that is, when wrinkles start to appear, affecting us and our quest of remaining youthful and vibrant. Continue reading

How Could We Prevent Perioral Wrinkles?

Perioral wrinkles are those lines or creases that are found around the mouth and lips. These are actually often the first ones to develop as we grow older. So how do you prevent wrinkles on these areas?

Like any other type of wrinkles, the major contributors of perioral wrinkles are sun exposure, smoking and some part of our genetic composition. These wrinkles are prone of getting worse, however, they are preventable and treatable. Continue reading


We all got startled when mom who was facing the mirror suddenly shouted, “Where did I get this?!” Dad stood up and as he walked towards mom he exclaimed, “What do you mean where did you get this?” Seeing what mom was referring to, he simply said, “Oh wrinkles! You have it simply because you’re getting old” What Dad said wasn’t too much of a consolation for mom. What causes wrinkles? Getting old, yes, is a primary factor but what are the other causes to it? Continue reading