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Who doesn’t want to look attractive? Men and women are all subject to vanity. We can spend a fortune if it promises that we will look good. I believe that many will agree with me on that. We invest especially on our faces. It isn’t a shock to know that people will first notice our face, so our faces are worth the pampering. But someday, somehow our face problems will not be limited anymore to pimples and the like. What if wrinkles start to appear? I guess, as early as now we should be able to determine the causes of this problem. What causes wrinkles on the face?

I have jotted below the causes of face- wrinkling. The causes I will cite can be categorized into two- the ones we have control of and those we don’t have control of: Continue reading


I was laughing at the title of this article “Sweet wrinkles” it seemed kind of off, but if we read deeper into this we will understand what “sweet wrinkles” means. Could it possibly stand for one thing? Does sugar cause wrinkles?

Sugar seems to be more of a necessity than a want. But what is behind sugar? Does sugar cause wrinkles? Some truths are about to be discussed here with regards to sugar as a cause of wrinkles. Many think that the only problem we have when we overeat sugar is diabetes. This is not true, because sugar is now considered as a culprit when the issue of wrinkles is brought up. Sugars are molecules that attach to protein fibers in our cell through a process that will certainly cause damage called glycation. The end product of the said process is known as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). The more sugar we eat, the more AGEs are formed in our body. This will lead to the breaking down of collagen and elastin (protein fibers maintaining the firmness and elasticity in our body). Continue reading


Left and right, we see, hear and know of women and even men who are engrossed with being flawless. The quest of being flawless will not be complete without the removal of unwanted hair in the body. One of the most popular means of hair removal is waxing. But, what risks are there with this procedure? Does waxing cause wrinkles?

Waxing as mentioned earlier, is a procedure that removes unwanted hair from any part of the body- like, the eyebrows, face, bikini, area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet, temporarily. The results are considered temporary because new hair will tend to grow back after two to eight weeks and in some cases even, just a week. Many types of waxing procedures are available in salons, dermatological clinics, and there are also do-it-at home kits. But just like any other treatments, we always need to find out if there are any side-effects to the procedure. And yes, waxing, effective as it seems to be, carries a number of drawbacks and risks. Continue reading