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What’s Your Pillow?

Get Enough SleepThe other day, our 50-year old grandmother visited us and stayed with us overnight. As I was talking to her, I was fond of looking at her face for she has fewer wrinkles compared to other women at her age. I then asked her how she reduces wrinkle at her age.

She told me her skin care secrets but what got my attention most was when she asked me “What’s your pillow? A good choice of pillow is important.” How on earth can a simple pillow help me prevent wrinkles?? I got more curious about this matter and I tried to verify what grandma told me. Upon checking some reviews, I found that it is true indeed. Continue reading


It was already 7 o’clock in the evening, and me and my hubby were running late for this special event that we were supposed to be attending at 6:30 in the evening. We were going to our grand alumni homecoming. It’s been 30 years already but it only seemed like yesterday. When we arrived at the location, I was glad to know that we weren’t the only ones running late. I bumped into my best friend as we were making our way through the lobby. I hardly recognized her though because of this problem she had. WRINKLES. So, she finally came into asking me how I maintained my looks up until now. She was desperate of finding ways on how to reduce wrinkles on face.

I did not have much time to discuss it with her since there was an ongoing program but what she asked me, urged me however to research about it on the net. I wasn’t getting any younger and believe it or not, I knew I had to go through the same dilemma, if not now, then definitely, someday. I just had to delay the “issue” and so I researched on how to reduce wrinkles on face. It’s the kind of a dilemma that not only I would be facing but all of us, so we better brace ourselves. Continue reading


Who doesn’t want to look attractive? Men and women are all subject to vanity. We can spend a fortune if it promises that we will look good. I believe that many will agree with me on that. We invest especially on our faces. It isn’t a shock to know that people will first notice our face, so our faces are worth the pampering. But someday, somehow our face problems will not be limited anymore to pimples and the like. What if wrinkles start to appear? I guess, as early as now we should be able to determine the causes of this problem. What causes wrinkles on the face?

I have jotted below the causes of face- wrinkling. The causes I will cite can be categorized into two- the ones we have control of and those we don’t have control of: Continue reading