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Perioral Wrinkles: Women’s Common Trouble

Are you a woman having troubles on how to stop wrinkles around your mouth? Well, I would say that you are not alone on this…..and YES, that’s because of you being a woman.

Perioral wrinkles are the lines that can be observed around your lips and mouth and are often one of those first lines you will have on your face as a result of the aging process. These are also said to be more likely to occur if you are into smoking or frequent waxing or threading. Continue reading

Best Wrinkle Treatments

When it comes to treating our wrinkles, we always want to choose among the best wrinkle treatments given by experts. There are actually a lot of known treatments for wrinkles. Here, let me have them into three (3) general groups – medications, skin resurfacing techniques and surgery.

The first one is through medications which is the most common and low risk treatment. This is simply achieved using topical creams and moisturizers. Creams usually contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A together with moisturizers that would rehydrate skin cells and sunscreen to protect the skin from further sun damage and dehydration. Continue reading


“Okay, everyone! Let’s get those facial muscles exercised” that’s how we started our Physical Education classes every Thursday when I was in college. Well, I carried on the habit of doing facial exercise  not just during Thursday but everyday upon waking up in the morning. A friend however, knew about my morning routine, she immediately asked me do facial exercises cause wrinkles? I was taken aback as I really did not know what to say.  I decided to do my own research and ask a couple of friends who were exercising their facial muscles also. Continue reading