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Anti-aging Treatments

What do you think would be the best anti-aging treatment out there? There are laser skin resurfacing, sunscreens, antioxidants, wrinkle injections and many more. Let me briefly present to you these four things I mentioned.

We are very much familiar with sunscreens. These products provide the skin a way of protection from UV light which is known to be the main source skin damage and depletion of collagen. Every sunscreen uses different technology on how to attain such goal in the anti-aging market. Continue reading


Imagine waking up one day and find out that the once smooth and young- looking skin we’ve got, is now wrinkly and all. To make matters even worse, they’re all over our face! One creepy thought indeed. But we don’t want to be ignorant about the reasons of its occurrence on our skin, specifically the face. So, what causes face wrinkles?

I can name a few answers to the question, what causes face wrinkles? Aging is the first common reason why wrinkles will appear on the face. It does not necessarily mean that all people who age will experience wrinkling. I’ve seen women who are already of age and yet still have smooth skin. Generally speaking though, aging tops the causes of face wrinkles. We also have other factors like the genetic makeup of a person. Wrinkles, yes, are hereditary. If our parents had wrinkles at a young age, we most probably will get them too. Continue reading