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Reduce Smoking To Reduce Aging

SmokingSmoking is one of the major causes of premature aging. If you are going to check references on how to reduce aging, smoking habits is one of the things to be reduced if not avoided.

How does smoking cause aging?

Smoking can cause changes to the person’s skin, hair and eyes. Smoking can reduce the amount of water in the skin resulting to its deprivation of oxygen and nutrients. This is the reason why smokers have pale, dry and uneven skins. These signs are not only true for adults but can also develop earlier to young smokers. Continue reading


School is a tiring thing to cope up with. Assignments, quizzes, group projects, individual projects. And not to mention, the everyday task of going to school by means of commuting. I am a second courser in the field of hospitality. I was working as a hotel receptionist at one of the leading five star hotels in the country. In my line of profession, one had to look good and stay young if he/she wanted to keep his/her career going. Now, getting rid of wrinkles was something I was supposed to add to my learning list, I wasn’t getting any younger and being surrounded by a lot of pressure from home, to school; and work. I knew I was going to get them fast. Continue reading


I simply got tired of going to my doctor for the treatment of my wrinkles. Not that I didn’t want to have my wrinkles treated, but considering the fact that the treatments itself are expensive; plus other expense factors like commute to and fro, all the medicines I have to buy; and not to mention that the effects of the treatments I get are short- term, all these seemed to be more of a fuss to me instead of a relief. But, just when I thought that nothing can be done, I was told about home remedies for wrinkles. I decided to do my own reading about it and even observed that I was not alone in the search of resolving my dilemma with going to the doctor and wrinkles.

When we talk about remedies done at home, we want it to be simple and easy- to- do. So I managed to put on some very interesting easy- to- do home remedies for wrinkles that we all will surely love to try. Here are some of the cost-cutting remedies I have put on the list. Continue reading