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Fats Can Cure Wrinkles

There are current buzz on the roles of including fats in our diet in order to cure wrinkles. But which type of fat is it? Can all types of fat achieve this?

As we all know, fats (in general) also plays essential functions in our body as for balancing the hormones, insulating the body and nerve cells, lubricating the joints and keeping skin and arteries supple. There are two main types of fats – SATURATED and UNSATURATED. It is on these two types of fat that the world of diet and nutrition mostly surrounds.

Saturated fats are often called the natural fats. These are the fat that easily hardens when refrigerated or when in cold environment. These fats are found on meat and dairy products. They are commonly associated with increase in cholesterol. However, there are current new researches that emphasizes on the importance of saturated fats in anti-aging. It has been said that those people who actually include foods rich in saturated fats in their diet are less likely to develop premature aging, thus can cure wrinkles. Continue reading

Can Stress Give You Wrinkles?

Aging is a term we usually use to pertain to a person whose characteristics are evidently showing signs of deterioration or weakening. The wrinkling of the skin is the most common manifestation as it suggests deterioration in cell regeneration. Stress, in this case, is known to be one of the major precursors of aging. The more we expose ourselves to stress, the more difficult it is for us to stop wrinkles even in our young age.

According to Dr. Neil F. Neimark, our body has its innate “fight or flight response” system in reaction to whatever stress we encounter. This response system is initiated by our brain (hypothalamus) to prepare our body, physically and psychologically. Whenever we are exposed to stress (external or internal), our “fight or flight response” system is triggered. As a result, our body produces stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine. These hormones cause our body to experience a decrease on the activity of our metabolic processes such as digestion, reproduction, growth and immunity. Continue reading