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Over the years, wrinkles have been a common problem among women and men alike. And because it is a common problem, the desire to reduce wrinkles has been great. For this reason, dermatologists and researchers had to find a way to cure this problem. There are a lot of methods that we can try in reducing wrinkles. We just have to choose the best way that we think would suit us.

Here are a few of the tips I got from my personal dermatologist. To reduce wrinkles, we need to be careful with what we eat and what we take in our bodies. From the simple table meals, to the air that we inhale and to our exposure under the sun. All of these factors will somehow affect the appearance of wrinkles on our skin, either they delay or speed up the process of aging. If and when you visit your local dermatologist, the first advice they could probably give you, is to choose the best sunscreen that you think will suit you. Continue reading