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What’s Your Pillow?

Get Enough SleepThe other day, our 50-year old grandmother visited us and stayed with us overnight. As I was talking to her, I was fond of looking at her face for she has fewer wrinkles compared to other women at her age. I then asked her how she reduces wrinkle at her age.

She told me her skin care secrets but what got my attention most was when she asked me “What’s your pillow? A good choice of pillow is important.” How on earth can a simple pillow help me prevent wrinkles?? I got more curious about this matter and I tried to verify what grandma told me. Upon checking some reviews, I found that it is true indeed. Continue reading

Wiser Without The Wrinkles

It was nearly noon and applicants were rushing to our office. We were looking for a hotel receptionist. I was sitting in the conference room waiting for the applicants to be interviewed. One after the other they were called in, but my mind was somehow flying around the area; I was not listening to their answers to my questions. Instead, I was taking a good look at the wanna-be’s faces. It was quite distracting ‘cause some had fair skin but some at their very young age had a couple of lines here and there. Now, I couldn’t help but think about me and my younger days. Did I look like the ladies with fair skin or those with line-filled faces? I wanted to find a solution, a wrinkle remover that will help me look my best even when my age steps out of the calendar. Continue reading

20 or 30: What does it matter?

Time passes by so swiftly…days are turned like pages and we know we aren’t getting any younger. When that happens, we get worried about the littlest things. Even the finest lines can make us freak out and panic. Well, we can call it overreaction but it’s never a joke when you step on your 30s.Preventing wrinkles is kind of a major issue and we need to resolve this.

When I was in my 20s, I used to get praise for having healthy-looking skin and a smooth, lively face. Wherever I went, I could make people turn heads. But things are different for me now. While I was in my car the other day, I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and spotted a few lines. I guess I need to start preventing wrinkles. So I consulted with a few friends and here’s what I got from them: Continue reading