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WrinklesAging, what’s so important with it that all around the world people try to combat against it? Is it some form of disease? Well, that was a not so brilliant question and of course we all know that aging is not a disease but it is something that everyone of us has to go through. Others earlier, while others just on time, but what is it really that makes us want to fight it? Is it all about beauty? If it is, then here are a few anti aging tips that may be able to help us in our battle for beauty.

The following tips may not have been heard by some of you or maybe a very few of you already have, so we might want to add some people to the list. These not so famous anti aging tips will really help if we only take them to heart. Continue reading


erase wrinklesIt was the day of the casting in of ballots for Prettiest Mom, it was an annual competition we held in our company to encourage mommies to look their best at all times.  There was a problem though, mommies like me, couldn’t help but acquire these wrinkles. And what’s more, is that they show up in the most unwanted area of all, the forehead. So okay, I was in for the competition but I didn’t know how to prepare myself, I’ve started working for the company ever since I turned 23 and I’ve been working in the company for 15 years already. There were younger mommies than me and I had to find a way on how to remove forehead wrinkles.

Now, there are lots of ways to remove forehead wrinkles, and you just have to choose from among the two, it’s either you conceal them or get rid of them (as of the moment that would be, after all wrinkling is a part of aging). So for the benefit of other mommies like me, I decided to write up and include both strategies on how to remove forehead wrinkles. For concealing forehead wrinkles, all you need to do are the following: Continue reading