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Alcohol For Wrinkles

too much alcoholDrinking too much alcohol causes wrinkles – that is a fact. There are a lot of references and clinical studies that proves this.

But we could not also neglect the fact that alcoholic drinks also have health benefits. It is actually associated with lowering the risk of heart diseases by thinning the blood. It offers positive effects on the levels of good cholesterol in our body.  Alcoholic beverages also help the body maintain a proper blood circulation.

These benefits, however, are obtained when alcohol drinking is taken in MODERATION. When it is consumed abusively, it is the time that alcohol can result to some complications and even result to wrinkles. Continue reading

Home Fusions as Anti-Aging Skin Care

natural home fusionsAnti-aging skin care has been present for years. Even before this new generation, people are already doing natural home fusions as part of their daily skin care.

Do we all need to take good care of our skin just because we are afraid to look old? Is this a reasonable purpose?

Each of us has our own motivation and purpose why we need to adopt a skin care program, may it be naturally or medically. It’s not just because we are afraid to look old but because we also want to feel more confident. We don’t need to be rich in order for us to do this. Continue reading

Eggs For The Face

It’s been over a week now since my 44-year old mom constantly asks me to look for a wrinkle treatment for her. When I told her to just go and see a dermatologist for a medical treatment, she refused. She only wants to try a simple natural wrinkle treatment that she can do at home. When I began to browse (just to stop her from bugging me), my interest was caught upon seeing homemade facial masks using eggs as the ingredient.

It is the egg white that is being used in making facial masks added with a small amount of lemon juice. The egg white mask can be applied both on the face and neck. It is allowed to stay for about 15-30 minutes until totally dry. Talking and laughing while having this mask on must be avoided to allow the mask stretch your skin while drying. It is then rinsed with warm water. Continue reading