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Smiling vs. Wrinkles

wrinkle cureOne of the reasons why we develop wrinkles is because of our repetitive facial expressions as mentioned in many other blogs. Then it suddenly hit me, does smiling cause wrinkles?

Repetitive facial expressions like smiling, frowning and squinting could generate fine lines and even crow’s feet around the eyes. This is the reason why many women who wants to get rid of wrinkles tend to practice themselves on how to control their facial expressions even at the peak of their own emotion.

Does this mean that they are willing to sacrifice their own feeling of happiness just not to have wrinkles?!? I don’t think I could stand even just the slightest idea of it. Continue reading


does wearing makeup causes wrinklesThese past few nights may have been serving very rough for my skin. Events and press conferences here and there; which only meant that my face didn’t have room to breathe from make-up. Then when I come home from the events, I wash my face and notice that every single time; my face tends to grow a little bit pale and dull-looking. I also noticed some Hollywood stars that look older than their age whenever they get caught without the make-up. And I start asking myself does foundation cause wrinkles?

For my long years of stay in the show business, I started out using powdery foundation, but as technology evolved; make-up artists soon start using liquid foundations. According to some researches, the use of liquid foundation lessens the chances of someone to get wrinkles ahead of time. People all around the world and not only actresses/performers like me, use foundation whenever they want to even out uneven coloring of the skin or when they want to look good. Continue reading


When we talk about anti aging products, we get ourselves wondering. Will these bests work on us too? Based on the internet reviews, there are five (5) top anti-aging products that people can use for all types of aging processes. Not only can we use them for facial wrinkles but as well as for the body.  You see these products are very beneficial in maintaining the glow and youthfulness of our skin.

According to this famous magazine, there are five top anti-aging products that most women use due to their impressive effects. Here is the list of those products I’ve been talking to you about: Continue reading