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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. What Should I Do?

Most people who reach their golden days oftentimes get themselves wondering if there will ever be a cure for wrinkles. Growing old gets them thinking they’re going to get stuck with wrinkles for the rest of their lives. I for one am thinking the same; so I wanted to know if there was a way to get rid of them or maybe even slow down the process at the least. I’ve been looking for wrinkle reduction treatments and I’ve been all over the place.

So I say good bye to wrinkles with the following wrinkle reduction treatment. Well, we all know that out in the market there are treatments that may be costly and effective but what we do not know is that there are affordable treatments that we can do without having to spend excessively. Continue reading


wrinkle cureIt was raining really hard and I was waiting for my bus to come along to fetch me from school. I was staring blankly into the door’s glass when suddenly there was this old face that appeared right beside me. She looked so much like me but what I didn’t realize was that she was my mother, not until the moment she called out my name and said that she was the one going to fetch me. I was kind of horrified at the thought of the “old me”. So I asked questions in my head, what did I have to do to prevent those lines I saw on mom’s face? Was there any cream I could use? What is the best wrinkle reduction cream out in the market nowadays? Continue reading

How’s Your “Youth Hormone”?

wrinkle cureHave you ever heard of the so-called ‘youth hormone’? I just found out about this hormone and it was known to be a wrinkle cure.

But what is it really? Youth hormone is actually the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is being produced by the pituitary gland and is being released by the hypothalamus controllably (www.ntshealth.com). This hormone is considered the most important hormone in anti-aging due to its benefits in maintaining youthfulness and health.

Levels of human growth hormones are said to be at its peak in early adulthood (20-25 years old) and then starts to decline as we age wherein its deterioration rate is dependent on the person’s lifestyle, diet, exercise, weight and even genetic factors. Slowing down the deterioration of these HGH could then be the answer in wrinkle cure. Continue reading