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Why Do We Want To Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

I am so curious of why so many of us (women) are so conscious of having wrinkles. We already know that it is part of our natural aging process. But why still we want to get rid of wrinkles? I tried to interview some of my girl friends and female neighbors about this matter and gave me these three common answers:

Reason 1: “I don’t want people seeing me getting old!”

We already accept the fact that we are growing old. But the fact of having these physical changes, which other people could also observe is the very thing that we can’t afford to face. Having people around noticing our skin’s sagging and our wrinkles forming worry us too much. It would also give them the impression that we are undergoing too much stress in life. That’s why we want to get rid of wrinkles to get rid of these negative observations from other people. Continue reading