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Can Alcohol Cause Wrinkles?

too much alcoholIf we are going to check various recommendations for anti-aging, there is always something that remarks on the connection of alcohol and wrinkles. But can alcohol really cause wrinkles?

And the answer is YES, It can cause wrinkles which later on results of premature aging.  But how?

The plumpness of our skin depends on how hydrated it is. Keeping your skin properly hydrated affects the flow of nutrients. If these nutrients are well distributed to the skin, this will give the skin a natural glow and firmness. Nutrients are also necessary for the production of collagen and elastin which gives the skin its youthful elasticity. Continue reading

Facial Exercises For Forehead Wrinkles

Do you know that there are also exercises for face muscles? Just like any part of our body, we also need to exercise our face muscles if we want it to be firm and healthy. Facial exercises are widely recommended to get rid of forehead wrinkles.

The muscles on our face help us to make certain face movements. These muscles form folds and creases according to our facial expression may it be frowning, squinting, raising of eyebrows and even when talking, laughing or eating. But as we grow old, there is a decrease in production of skin fibers (collagen) making the skin less and less elastic. As a result, these creases and folds formed from our repetitive facial expressions tend to become wrinkles. Continue reading