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Treating Wrinkles

Wrinkle treatmentOver the years, thousands of treatments for wrinkles have been making a buzz in the market. Some for a long period of time; and some for only a short time. Those short-lived may have been fallacies and have not proven their effectiveness, but the long-lived ones I guess made their face in the field of wrinkle treatment.

Now if we say treatments for wrinkles, we are not talking only about a few. Continue reading

Dried Up, Wrinkled Up? Fallacy or Fact?

facial exercisesThe world nowadays with the amount of heat reaching it seems and looks so dry. There are sudden forest fires anywhere because of the heat that cannot be contained. So if the world cannot contain the amount of heat, will our bodies do? Can our bodies do? With all the dryness around you, try asking yourself this question, does dry skin cause wrinkles? Continue reading

Addicted To curing The Addiction

Quit SmokingA few days ago, I was strolling in the park when there was this man who suddenly came to me and asked me if I could give him a few bucks so he could buy a pack of cigarettes at a nearby store. Well, of course I declined but that didn’t stop him, he went on bothering other people and should I say that guy was an addict. Doesn’t he know that smoking damages our system? No wonder he looked haggard and not so good. What is it about smoking anyway that damages our system? Does smoking damage your skin? What could be the possible ill effects of smoking in one’s life?

A lot of people nowadays are hooked into smoking and it gets only hard for them to leave the cause of addiction behind. We all know that smoking has its ill effects but why do smokers find it difficult to leave the habit behind? Well, for smokers and non-smokers out there, let me enumerate the ill effects that smoking can bring upon one’s self. Let’s start with the most visible and widest area of affection. The skin. Well, most of you would probably ask, “does smoking damage your skin?” and the answer my friends is “YES”. Smoking contributes much in the damage of healthy ad youthful skin. Continue reading