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WrinklesAging, what’s so important with it that all around the world people try to combat against it? Is it some form of disease? Well, that was a not so brilliant question and of course we all know that aging is not a disease but it is something that everyone of us has to go through. Others earlier, while others just on time, but what is it really that makes us want to fight it? Is it all about beauty? If it is, then here are a few anti aging tips that may be able to help us in our battle for beauty.

The following tips may not have been heard by some of you or maybe a very few of you already have, so we might want to add some people to the list. These not so famous anti aging tips will really help if we only take them to heart. Continue reading


Facial ExercisesAll around the world, women are known to be more concerned and cautious about their skin. But what most of us don’t know is that men too are scared of growing old. Scared of getting wrinkles on the face; now most wrinkle removers in the market are for women, so let’s try looking for wrinkle removers for men.

Since most men are not interested nor concerned about getting or looking old, fashion experts don’t find it a necessity to create wrinkle removers for men. Now it was a Sunday morning and my husband and I were both getting ready for church. It was quite unusual because he asked me, “Honey, are these wrinkles?” I was taken aback because it was not ordinary for a man to be asking these kinds of questions. But when I asked a friend of mine about the incident, she shared to me the same story about her and her husband. Continue reading


skin expose to sun“Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me.” As the famous line for a children’s song goes. Oh yes! It is wonderful to feel the sun on your skin. But do we know the risks and disadvantages of having the sun shine down on us for TOO long? During my elementary years, we have been taught at school that the sun is a good source of Vitamin D. But that was a long time ago when the ozone layer hasn’t been damaged yet.  So what are the harmful effects of sun exposure? Does the sun give you wrinkles? Does the sun give you cancerous diseases? Let’s try to find out. Continue reading