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Does Coffee Cause Wrinkles?

Does Coffee Cause Wrinkles?I received so many inquiries last week on the association between coffee and wrinkles. “Does coffee cause wrinkles?” This is the question of almost all adult coffee drinkers.

Upon checking the facts about this concern, I found out that coffee itself does not cause wrinkles but the caffeine in the coffee. However, there are two sides on this issue.

The first side agrees that coffee does cause wrinkles. It is for the fact that coffee has a diuretic effect which can be a cause of cellular dehydration. As we all know, the very main reason why our skins wrinkle is because of dehydration. When our cells are dehydrated, it will shrink and eventually die. This will later on result to sagging of the skin and wrinkling. Continue reading

Of Women and Wrinkles

When women are asked about their age, the usual answers they readily utter is “secret,” and “try to guess” which shows they really feel embarrassed when asked about their age.  It seems they make excuses of answering indirect things to brag themselves that they still look young despite of their obvious old age that is revealed though their unstoppable lines and wrinkles that usually appear on their forehead and eyes.

But wait, can we really prevent wrinkles at least to look younger than our age? Personally, yes. I am certain that preventing wrinkles relates to our positive outlook in life that is having self- control against worrying too much and healthy lifestyle such as drinking enough water, eating the right kind of food and having a good sleep which are commonplace.  Continue reading


“I’m so stressed out!” How many times have we encountered this phrase? Countless of times perhaps. The word stress is so popular nowadays and I’m sure that it has gained its popularity a long time ago also. It is so common that we hear it (literally from people’s mouths), see it and feel it all around. Stress is caused by problems but stress is a problem- carrier itself.  But what problems does it carry? Does stress cause wrinkles?

Stress is defined as our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand that comes from both good and bad experiences. But whatever the source of stress is, it is still not considered as a light thing but is a hard one for our bodies. How about wrinkles? Does stress cause wrinkles? Here’s the thing, when our bodies are under stress, our body hormones changes. Cells and organs begin to change and since the skin is considered the largest organ of the body, then changes will be most visible here. Continue reading