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skin expose to sun“Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me.” As the famous line for a children’s song goes. Oh yes! It is wonderful to feel the sun on your skin. But do we know the risks and disadvantages of having the sun shine down on us for TOO long? During my elementary years, we have been taught at school that the sun is a good source of Vitamin D. But that was a long time ago when the ozone layer hasn’t been damaged yet.  So what are the harmful effects of sun exposure? Does the sun give you wrinkles? Does the sun give you cancerous diseases? Let’s try to find out. Continue reading


Prevent WrinklesWorried about looking older? Aging everyday and getting more wrinkles than usual? I was in the park on a windy afternoon when I overheard a group of women talking about how stressful and rough it can get once you run past the ages of menopause. Married life starts to become a hassle and fears start to arise. Mid-age they say is when life starts, but what is life going to be if it hasn’t even started yet and you already look older than that. This group was talking about facial wrinkle treatments and how they could look their best, feel their best with saving their marriage by fixing their husband’s eyes on them. Continue reading

Dried Up, Wrinkled Up? Fallacy or Fact?

facial exercisesThe world nowadays with the amount of heat reaching it seems and looks so dry. There are sudden forest fires anywhere because of the heat that cannot be contained. So if the world cannot contain the amount of heat, will our bodies do? Can our bodies do? With all the dryness around you, try asking yourself this question, does dry skin cause wrinkles? Continue reading