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prevent wrinklesThe face. What’s so important with it that makes it so hard for women to get over it? Whenever facial problems arise, people feel like it’s already the end of the world. Well, in personality development trainings/seminars, it is being taught that the face is what other people or in the business industry, your clients see. It is what will determine whether or not they are supposed to trust you. When wrinkles start to appear on the face? P-A-N-I-C! So here are some ways on how to remove facial wrinkles. Continue reading

Treating Wrinkles

Wrinkle treatmentOver the years, thousands of treatments for wrinkles have been making a buzz in the market. Some for a long period of time; and some for only a short time. Those short-lived may have been fallacies and have not proven their effectiveness, but the long-lived ones I guess made their face in the field of wrinkle treatment.

Now if we say treatments for wrinkles, we are not talking only about a few. Continue reading


does crying cause wrinklesCrying is man’s way of expressing different kinds of emotions. People cry when they are sad, when they are happy, or even when they are mad. Crying is one of the most displayed emotions in today’s world. When people are stressed and disappointed, they tend to cry. But the question is; what is it about crying that causes wrinkles? Does crying cause wrinkles?

I personally think that women are created to become emotional beings which is the reason why women are most likely to get concerned about the issue. I’ve visited blogs and forums with the questions “does crying cause wrinkles”? Well, none of those forums answered yes. But here’s a fact, when you cry because of anger or depression, it helps to relieve the pain you are feeling but it doesn’t help your appearance, at all. Your eyes get all bulgy and puffed up right after crying but you don’t have to worry because these are none but temporary signs that you’ve cried all night through. Continue reading