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erase wrinklesIt was the day of the casting in of ballots for Prettiest Mom, it was an annual competition we held in our company to encourage mommies to look their best at all times.  There was a problem though, mommies like me, couldn’t help but acquire these wrinkles. And what’s more, is that they show up in the most unwanted area of all, the forehead. So okay, I was in for the competition but I didn’t know how to prepare myself, I’ve started working for the company ever since I turned 23 and I’ve been working in the company for 15 years already. There were younger mommies than me and I had to find a way on how to remove forehead wrinkles.

Now, there are lots of ways to remove forehead wrinkles, and you just have to choose from among the two, it’s either you conceal them or get rid of them (as of the moment that would be, after all wrinkling is a part of aging). So for the benefit of other mommies like me, I decided to write up and include both strategies on how to remove forehead wrinkles. For concealing forehead wrinkles, all you need to do are the following: Continue reading


Facial ExercisesAll around the world, women are known to be more concerned and cautious about their skin. But what most of us don’t know is that men too are scared of growing old. Scared of getting wrinkles on the face; now most wrinkle removers in the market are for women, so let’s try looking for wrinkle removers for men.

Since most men are not interested nor concerned about getting or looking old, fashion experts don’t find it a necessity to create wrinkle removers for men. Now it was a Sunday morning and my husband and I were both getting ready for church. It was quite unusual because he asked me, “Honey, are these wrinkles?” I was taken aback because it was not ordinary for a man to be asking these kinds of questions. But when I asked a friend of mine about the incident, she shared to me the same story about her and her husband. Continue reading

The Water Issue

dehydration and agingWater, water, water; this is a hundred and one percent to be considered as mankind’s most basic need. Food may come in second but water? It ranks number one. Now, a human being’s body is composed of 70% water. So I guess it’s normal for us people to be looking for water almost all the time. Now what I’m writing to you today is about the relationship between dehydration and aging. Are these two co-related? And if they are; how come?

Dehydration and aging are two factors that might possibly go together but in a different way. Most people believe that wrinkling (the number one sign of aging) may be caused by dehydration or what we would define as the reducing of amount of body water caused by water deprivation and a lot more such as illnesses. When a person lacks water, skin tends to be dry especially when exposed to heat. And this therefore makes your skin appear dull and lifeless; allowing you to look older than your age. But associating dehydration with wrinkling is quite impossible. Continue reading