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does wearing makeup causes wrinklesThese past few nights may have been serving very rough for my skin. Events and press conferences here and there; which only meant that my face didn’t have room to breathe from make-up. Then when I come home from the events, I wash my face and notice that every single time; my face tends to grow a little bit pale and dull-looking. I also noticed some Hollywood stars that look older than their age whenever they get caught without the make-up. And I start asking myself does foundation cause wrinkles?

For my long years of stay in the show business, I started out using powdery foundation, but as technology evolved; make-up artists soon start using liquid foundations. According to some researches, the use of liquid foundation lessens the chances of someone to get wrinkles ahead of time. People all around the world and not only actresses/performers like me, use foundation whenever they want to even out uneven coloring of the skin or when they want to look good. Continue reading

Predict And Prevent

wrinkle cureOne day, I suddenly thought of how I will look like at the age of 50. While thinking, I came across this old proverb by K.M. Mac Aulay: “You can’t prevent what you can’t predict.” All of a sudden I thought of looking for best wrinkle prevention that I could possibly need.

Everyone can predict aging. Hence, it can be prevented. But as to how we do it, it would differ from person to person.  This is because we differ in many ways – habits, skin type and hereditary aspects.

Our hereditary composition plays a lot of factors in aging that we can predict some of its effects by way of observing our parents and grandparents as they grow older. In that way, we could look for the best wrinkle prevention we could use. If they happen to develop age spots, focus on treatments that would prevent age spots. Continue reading


removing wrinklesRemoving wrinkles is not an easy task. My grandmother was going to celebrate her birthday this coming weekend and she secretly asked me for a present that she did not want anyone to know. She wanted me to give her a wrinkle treatment. She was kind of bothered with the thought that her wrinkles were getting out of her league, in other words, too many to handle.

So there I was, trying to find a way on how I could be able to give her what she wanted for her birthday, I felt responsible in some way because she was the one who took care of me during my younger days. I was going to be her accomplice in her project of removing wrinkles before her birthday. She wanted everyone to be amazed at how she looked on her 60th birthday. It was not easy though, the first thing I had to do was to research on budget-friendly solutions since I did not have much for an income at my age. As a result, I made a list of some methods I researched so we could have options to choose from. Continue reading