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Facial Expressions Generate Forehead Wrinkles

Our forehead is the said to be the part that is most likely to form wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles are therefore one of the major targets of many anti-wrinkle treatments. There is only one major reason being considered why forehead wrinkles are very common to occur. And that is because of our repetitive facial expressions.

As mentioned in Wikipedia.com, our forehead is composed of three muscles and these are the Occipitofrontalis, Procerus and Corrugator supercilii. All of these muscles are being controlled by what they call the facial nerves, thus, they are the muscles responsible in creating different facial expressions such as raising of eyebrows, frowning, squinting, and the like. Continue reading

The Anti-Wrinkle Cream Craze

I went inside a beauty shop this morning to buy an anti-wrinkle face cream. Whoa!! There are so many of them. Are we having an anti-wrinkle cream craze nowadays?? How could we now assess the best anti-wrinkle cream for us?

As I read different sources, I realized that anti-wrinkle face creams are just face moisturizers formulated not only to provide moisture in our skin but also to improve the capability of our skin cells to retain moisture in order for the cells to regenerate and repair faster. However, it would depend on the active ingredient used, the amount being used and the length of time you have been using the product. Continue reading

Simple Tips On Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Many of us nowadays are very concerned on getting rid of wrinkles. This now became a primary consideration in choosing our daily beauty products. Here are some tips I gathered from various sources:

Tip No. 1: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

The heat of the sun contains UV and is known to be a source of free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for the damage of our skin cells so as the collagen in our skin. Damaging the collagen would result to thinning of our skin making it less capable of retaining moisture, making our skin drier and later on wrinkles are developed. You may use a sunblock as a protection. Continue reading