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wrinkle freeAdmit it! There’s always this time in one’s life when you had the best, felt the best and that life was just so good that it offered you so much than you could ever imagine and want. Not to mention, that this was also the time in your life where wrinkles was not a problem as there was just no sign of it. That time in my life was when I was 21 and oh, if only I could turn back the hands of time. Well, time I do not have control of, but the only thing that makes me different from when I was 21 was wrinkles. I believe I have some kind of power over it. I am just so determined to remove facial wrinkles and be forever 21. Continue reading


erase wrinklesRemember this movie that was a big hit in the 90’s? It was considered as one of the most popular films of all time. You might be confused now as to why I am saying this to all of you. Pretty woman is one of my favorite movies, not just because of the story but for the actress who starred in it – Julia Roberts. She certainly gave the title “Pretty Woman” justice as she was indeed pretty. What would I give for a face like that? Beautiful and wrinkle free! Guess I better start with finding the best facial wrinkle remover.

Since our quest is finding the best facial wrinkle remover my research provided me with the best! This facial wrinkle remover gives us drastic results and it’s none other than Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. New generation of carbon dioxide lasers uses very short pulsed light energy or incessant light beams that are carried in a scanning pattern to very precisely eliminate thin layers of skin with least heat damage to the surrounding structures. Continue reading