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Kinds Of Food That Can Remove Wrinkles

foodA lot of us are actually aware that there are kinds of food that can effectively remove wrinkles. In order for us to obtain its skin benefits they can be either applied topically or taken as part of our diet.

Sesame is the very popular food that is being used for this purpose. Since the ancient times, it has been used to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. Even until these days, there are people who are eating sesame who could attest on this.  If we check this fact on modern perspective, sesame actually contains a lot of linoleic acids and vitamin E, which are now known for its positive effects to remove wrinkles and in making the skin soft and healthy-looking. Continue reading

Can Alcohol Cause Wrinkles?

too much alcoholIf we are going to check various recommendations for anti-aging, there is always something that remarks on the connection of alcohol and wrinkles. But can alcohol really cause wrinkles?

And the answer is YES, It can cause wrinkles which later on results of premature aging.  But how?

The plumpness of our skin depends on how hydrated it is. Keeping your skin properly hydrated affects the flow of nutrients. If these nutrients are well distributed to the skin, this will give the skin a natural glow and firmness. Nutrients are also necessary for the production of collagen and elastin which gives the skin its youthful elasticity. Continue reading