I was laughing at the title of this article “Sweet wrinkles” it seemed kind of off, but if we read deeper into this we will understand what “sweet wrinkles” means. Could it possibly stand for one thing? Does sugar cause wrinkles?

Sugar seems to be more of a necessity than a want. But what is behind sugar? Does sugar cause wrinkles? Some truths are about to be discussed here with regards to sugar as a cause of wrinkles. Many think that the only problem we have when we overeat sugar is diabetes. This is not true, because sugar is now considered as a culprit when the issue of wrinkles is brought up. Sugars are molecules that attach to protein fibers in our cell through a process that will certainly cause damage called glycation. The end product of the said process is known as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). The more sugar we eat, the more AGEs are formed in our body. This will lead to the breaking down of collagen and elastin (protein fibers maintaining the firmness and elasticity in our body).

Once the latter is damaged the skin will eventually become dry, it will sag and wrinkles will occur soon. We might as well ask how early we can see the signs of the damage caused by too much sugar intake. And that will give us the age 35. Yes, at 35 the signs of collagen and elastin damage will be seen in our body. It will be in the form of wrinkles, sagged skin and the like. It will spread out rapidly and cause more damages even. But, it’s never too late to cut back on the sugar craze to minimize its harmful effects to our body.

Just when we though, sugar was a good thing. We suddenly found out that the answer to the question, does sugar cause wrinkles? Is a yes. Sweet wrinkles they are!

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