“Stop frowning!”

what causes face wrinkles“Stop frowning!” I always hear my mother reprimand me on this ever since I was a 10 years old. I frown not because I’m sad or irritated but because frowning became my typical expression. But it is only now that I realized the implication of such habitual expression; now that I’m trying to avoid wrinkles on face.

I read a lot about how habitual facial expressions cause wrinkles. As our skin loses its elasticity (as a product of aging), our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkling even just through our simple expressions. Frown lines between eyebrows and crow’s feet around the eyes are examples of wrinkles that are due to expression habits.

Those are the types of wrinkles I’m personally concerned about.  I observed my face in front of the mirror and observed few fine lines around the eyes. I’m decided! I should do something to avoid wrinkles on face.

As that realization hit me, I suddenly thought of a friend who once mentioned about face yoga. These are actually just facial exercises done to relax facial muscles and promote blood circulation and collagen production.

How then is it being done? There are a lot of recommended facial exercises depends on the area concerned. There are poses for forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, and even overall face muscles.

Face yoga is actually widely known and performed by many who really want to avoid wrinkles on face.

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