Smiling vs. Wrinkles

wrinkle cureOne of the reasons why we develop wrinkles is because of our repetitive facial expressions as mentioned in many other blogs. Then it suddenly hit me, does smiling cause wrinkles?

Repetitive facial expressions like smiling, frowning and squinting could generate fine lines and even crow’s feet around the eyes. This is the reason why many women who wants to get rid of wrinkles tend to practice themselves on how to control their facial expressions even at the peak of their own emotion.

Does this mean that they are willing to sacrifice their own feeling of happiness just not to have wrinkles?!? I don’t think I could stand even just the slightest idea of it.

I believe in what they say, “A smile can take years off your looks.” How does smiling cause wrinkles when in fact it is one of the reasons why we look younger and more vibrant compared to an expressionless face.

There are also a lot of studies on happiness as an anti-aging. Being happy suggests that we live a life that has lesser depressions and has more optimistic directions. Smiling is a natural drug because it can trigger the release of some hormones within our body that helps us feel more relaxed and have a good blood flow, which also has its importance in cell functions and other biochemical reactions that makes our skin healthier and more vibrant.

If you really would like to trade your smile with few lines of wrinkles or the other way around is actually your own choice. Does smiling cause wrinkles or not is all up to what you believe in.

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