Reduce Smoking To Reduce Aging

SmokingSmoking is one of the major causes of premature aging. If you are going to check references on how to reduce aging, smoking habits is one of the things to be reduced if not avoided.

How does smoking cause aging?

Smoking can cause changes to the person’s skin, hair and eyes. Smoking can reduce the amount of water in the skin resulting to its deprivation of oxygen and nutrients. This is the reason why smokers have pale, dry and uneven skins. These signs are not only true for adults but can also develop earlier to young smokers.

Maintaining the water content in our skin does not only help reduce aging but also helps our health in general for the fact that water helps in the distribution of nutrients not only to the skin but also to every part of our body.

Cigarettes and tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals. These chemicals damage the proteins of the skin and destroy its collagen and elastin causing the skin to lose its strength and elasticity. As a consequence, one will experience skin sagging and development of profound wrinkles.

Making a resolution to discontinue smoking can benefit you a lot to reduce aging but let us also consider how important it is to improve our health as a whole.

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