erase wrinklesRemember this movie that was a big hit in the 90’s? It was considered as one of the most popular films of all time. You might be confused now as to why I am saying this to all of you. Pretty woman is one of my favorite movies, not just because of the story but for the actress who starred in it – Julia Roberts. She certainly gave the title “Pretty Woman” justice as she was indeed pretty. What would I give for a face like that? Beautiful and wrinkle free! Guess I better start with finding the best facial wrinkle remover.

Since our quest is finding the best facial wrinkle remover my research provided me with the best! This facial wrinkle remover gives us drastic results and it’s none other than Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. New generation of carbon dioxide lasers uses very short pulsed light energy or incessant light beams that are carried in a scanning pattern to very precisely eliminate thin layers of skin with least heat damage to the surrounding structures.

According to John Voorhees, “nice, new skin” awaits all those who undergo the procedure. It isn’t personally recommended by him though because the procedure is invasive.

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is a procedure that is approximately an hour long and is usually done in an outpatient setting. During the process, the laser will pass across the face, it sears through the paper-thin epidermis and into portions of the dermis, the skin’s denser layer beneath the epidermis. The purpose of such process is to eradicate the old and damaged collagen, generating/ producing four to five times more new collagen. The new collagen produced by the said method is more than what retinoic acid does. New collagen means new skin – skin that we always wanted to have again, the moment we had our wrinkles. One should prepare for rigorous care of the skin that has just been treated until such time that it is completely healed.

What are we waiting for? We are talking about the best facial wrinkle remover here. Pretty woman does not come around without any risks though as there are but as the saying goes, NO PAIN NO GAIN!

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