Predict And Prevent

wrinkle cureOne day, I suddenly thought of how I will look like at the age of 50. While thinking, I came across this old proverb by K.M. Mac Aulay: “You can’t prevent what you can’t predict.” All of a sudden I thought of looking for best wrinkle prevention that I could possibly need.

Everyone can predict aging. Hence, it can be prevented. But as to how we do it, it would differ from person to person.  This is because we differ in many ways – habits, skin type and hereditary aspects.

Our hereditary composition plays a lot of factors in aging that we can predict some of its effects by way of observing our parents and grandparents as they grow older. In that way, we could look for the best wrinkle prevention we could use. If they happen to develop age spots, focus on treatments that would prevent age spots.

Skin type is also one factor we should consider. Dark-skinned ones are more likely to develop skin discoloration and uneven skin tone while fair-skinned ones are prone to skin reddishness and brown spots. With these problems, exfoliating treatments are mostly recommended together with skin cares that would increase collagen formation.

Eating, sleeping and drinking habits also play an important part to be considered in selecting the best wrinkle prevention treatment. Habits such as these must be changed for good in order to gain the best benefits from any treatment and skin care program.

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