Skin expose to the sunThere’s nothing more wonderful than waking up in the morning with the sunshine on your face. But nothing can be more irritating than having the sun follow you all day. Many people nowadays tend to indulge in the trend of sun-bathing; they believe that “tan is beautiful”. But one thing they don’t know is that the sun can cause skin damage; or maybe they do know but they don’t want to open their eyes to the truth. Question is, “does the sun cause wrinkles? Well, some of us know that this question only has one answer and that would be a Yes. Now, how are we supposed to address the issue?

One thing’s for sure, sun bathing is not good for your health. Looking good makes you feel good, but what are you supposed to be looking forward to? Beautiful, healthy looking skin that is actually only momentarily; or skin that might not be so vibrant in color but will last longer and look younger because you protected it from the sun. Well, guys, here’s what you need to know. We may love the sun but the sun doesn’t and won’t reciprocate what we feel. It will only get you damaging your skin.

Does the sun cause wrinkles? The number one factor of skin damage is the sun and getting exposed to it for a long period of time gives way to the chance of breaking down elastin, a fiber that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. When this happens, the skin will start to sag and will find it hard to return to normal after stretching. When elastin is broken, skin tends to become weak and easily bruised or torn.

I guess then we won’t need to ask the question does the sun cause wrinkles anymore. Because whether we ask that or not, there will only be one truth to this myth. We won’t get our feelings reciprocated when talking about how we feel towards the sun. Try to love others instead, you might have a chance; just don’t take chances on the sun.

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