Of Women and Wrinkles

When women are asked about their age, the usual answers they readily utter is “secret,” and “try to guess” which shows they really feel embarrassed when asked about their age.  It seems they make excuses of answering indirect things to brag themselves that they still look young despite of their obvious old age that is revealed though their unstoppable lines and wrinkles that usually appear on their forehead and eyes.

But wait, can we really prevent wrinkles at least to look younger than our age? Personally, yes. I am certain that preventing wrinkles relates to our positive outlook in life that is having self- control against worrying too much and healthy lifestyle such as drinking enough water, eating the right kind of food and having a good sleep which are commonplace. 

This is a fact for it has been taught by our health teachers since our grade school and are always emphasized during nutrition month celebration. And of course this has started from our parents who used to force us to eat vegetables and fruits when we were small kids. Above all, it has a medical proof that there is an interplay between stress, biochemistry and genetics.

Vivian Diller, Ph D in her article says that if we can manage to keep anxiety and stress from accelerating our natural physiological changes internally and externally, we are likely to look and feel better for longer periods of time. It simply means we can get rid of wrinkles by making our lives stress- free. Stress- free life doesn’t mean the absence of stress but how we manage stress as it comes our ways inevitably.  Prevent wrinkles, stay away from stress!!

One thought on “Of Women and Wrinkles

  1. Gladys

    is 20 too young to have botox?I’m considering botox after seneig some fine lines under my eyes which really annoys me and i want to get rid of them! anti wrinkle under eye creams do NOT work! although i want to give lifecell a try since heard that’s the only thing that works.I also heard that botox is best to have done before wrinkles appear?? is this true? I just hate to have crowsfeet and wrinkles under my eyes! it’s not attractive!!


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