Matrixyl As An Anti-Wrinkle

prevent wrinklesMany beauty enthusiasts are now into this Matrixyl thing as an anti-wrinkle ingredient. They say that this is effective when applied to the skin topically making the market of wrinkle creams expand once again.

We are all now aware (through many advertisements and articles) that collagen production is the very main target in order to maintain and even revive a youthful skin. And this chemical ingredient Matrixyl is said to double the amount of collagen in the skin making the cream more effective as anti-wrinkle than the others.

Matrixyl is actually the trademark name for a peptide molecule called palmitoyl-pentapeptide-3. According to researches, this ingredient was found to stimulate collagen production and even becomes more effective when combined with other peptides (source:

Because of this “miracle ingredient” as some call it, many anti-wrinkle cream adverts soared. And it shows that wrinkle creams are actually effective even for long term unlike surgical procedures that are only good up to a certain period.


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