does wearing makeup causes wrinklesThese past few nights may have been serving very rough for my skin. Events and press conferences here and there; which only meant that my face didn’t have room to breathe from make-up. Then when I come home from the events, I wash my face and notice that every single time; my face tends to grow a little bit pale and dull-looking. I also noticed some Hollywood stars that look older than their age whenever they get caught without the make-up. And I start asking myself does foundation cause wrinkles?

For my long years of stay in the show business, I started out using powdery foundation, but as technology evolved; make-up artists soon start using liquid foundations. According to some researches, the use of liquid foundation lessens the chances of someone to get wrinkles ahead of time. People all around the world and not only actresses/performers like me, use foundation whenever they want to even out uneven coloring of the skin or when they want to look good.

The question would be, does foundation cause wrinkles? The answer is yes. Powdery foundation tends to leave particles that may enter the pores and therefore affect the natural passageway of oxygen into the skin. Another reason why foundation can be considered a factor in the production of wrinkles is because it is made up of chemicals and we all know that too much of anything is bad especially for the skin. Experts advise that whenever we use foundation it is best to apply moisturizing creams to protect the skin and making the skin moist and hydrated. Drinking a lot of water and staying away from the sun is the most effective way of preventing wrinkle formation.

I am not saying that foundation is the sole factor for wrinkling. Age is one to be exact, the sun for number two and a lot more on the list. Does foundation cause wrinkles? Well, yes but it all really depends on how we take care of our skin. The good news about this is that if technology has developed products that might affect our skin care, technology also has its ways of finding the solution.

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