I celebrated my 30th birthday just a week ago. Everything was perfect. But this week, the truth suddenly struck me; I realized that I am not getting any younger and very soon I will be facing the bitter truth of wrinkle formation. I have seen and heard women my age facing the same nightmare. On my part though, the signs aren’t visible yet- my forehead is as smooth as it can be and my skin hasn’t thinned out. I trust this is due to me making sure that my skin was given extra care, way back when I was younger and even up to now, like applying sun block whenever I had to go out and be exposed to the sun; I used moisturizers making sure my skin did not dry out; I did not get myself engaged to any form of vices like smoking and alcohol drinking.  I guess I am on the right track, but are there other preventive measures on how to prevent wrinkles?

Wrinkles cannot be prevented, they are inevitable. This is the one thing that we all must accept. But, we can minimize its effects on our skin by resolving to follow these simple yet effective ways on how to prevent wrinkles:

  1. Healthy diet- eat lots of berries and veggies; these foods have specific wrinkle- preventing capabilities.
  2. Sleeping well- helps in retaining skin’s elasticity
  3. Drink tea- tea contains powerful anti- oxidants and anti- inflammatory components that are helpful in protecting skin from aging.
  4. Use retinol- is a vitamin  A compound, it is the first antioxidant that is widely used in non- prescription wrinkle creams. Is proven effective in improving the appearance of fine lines and enhancing skin tone.
  5. Stop any repetitive facial movements- repetitive facial movements overwork facial muscles causing it to groove beneath the skin’s surface.
  6. Exercise- daily exercise keeps blood flowing and brings oxygen to the skin, it is an important ingredient for healthy skin.
  7. Stay away from stress- stress triggers the rise of the hormone cortisol in our body. Too much of this makes it a poison and thins our skin out.

These are but some of the proven and effective ways we can use and I myself will be using to prevent and minimize the effects of wrinkles on my skin.

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  1. Moorthy

    I started using anti-aging craems for my eyes only at around age 40. I like Avon’s eye craems the best. I use Avon Solutions Hydrofirming Eye Cream the most. Their other eye craems are good too, like Anew, but they are more expensive. I still have oily skin, so I don’t need any for my face. Avon has good face craems, as well. By the way, I don’t work for Avon, I just love their products.I don’t think you really need to start using anti-aging craems at 26, but that’s up to you.


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