wrinkle cureIt was raining really hard and I was waiting for my bus to come along to fetch me from school. I was staring blankly into the door’s glass when suddenly there was this old face that appeared right beside me. She looked so much like me but what I didn’t realize was that she was my mother, not until the moment she called out my name and said that she was the one going to fetch me. I was kind of horrified at the thought of the “old me”. So I asked questions in my head, what did I have to do to prevent those lines I saw on mom’s face? Was there any cream I could use? What is the best wrinkle reduction cream out in the market nowadays?

Well, of course, I did not want to discuss the issue of wrinkles because I was still too young. But I wanted to know, and mom was getting a little bit curious and concerned of why I was acting the way I was. She asked me what seemed to bother me, so I asked her in return, “Mom, what do you think is the “best wrinkle reduction cream” out in the market?” Then she burst into laughter and was teary eyed when she told me, “Honey, laughter is always the best medicine.” I understood the statement but I had to find out how to prevent those wrinkles; not only on my face but on mom’s as well. We had to admit we weren’t getting any younger. So there I was, I ended up sitting in front of my laptop so I could ask Google about my questions. When I typed in the keywords wrinkle reducing cream, the top rating search result was about a cream that even the famous actors and actresses of Hollywood loved. It was a certain cream that was said to make you look younger in no less than a week. But as we all know, hearsays will remain that way unless you personally try them for yourself.

Now and then, I always try to ask myself why mom answered me that silly but true quote. Well, we do have our own choices and my mom has chosen laughter as the best wrinkle reduction cream. The brands in the market will most probably have no effect if we keep grouching all the time. Preventing and reducing wrinkles all depends on our attitude towards life.

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