Keeping The Skin Hydrated

Drink 6 glasses of water per day.Every time I check for an advice on proper skin care, I can always encounter counsels on keeping the skin properly hydrates. It is maybe because dehydration wrinkles are the most common form of skin wrinkles especially in the areas around the eyes.

Our body’s capability to retain moisture decreases as we get older. This is the reason why our skin becomes dehydrated giving us a dry and wrinkling skin.

With this, I think it is very vital for us to know how to properly keep our skin hydrated. Let’s make some self-check.

Self-Check Question No. 1: How much water do I drink everyday?

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day would greatly help our body against dehydration wrinkles for this would replenish all water that is lost during normal metabolic processes (urinating, sweating, etc.).

Self-Check Question No. 2: What beverages do I drink more often than water?

When we are at work or attending a party, we usually take a lot of other beverages other than water like coffee, sodas and alcoholic beverages. Consuming too much of these beverages causes dehydration. It takes a lot of water from our body in order for them to go through our body’s normal processes of digestion and absorption.

Self-Check Question No. 2: What type of food am I eating?

Salty foods are the ones that could greatly cause skin dehydration.  Eating salty foods makes you feel thirsty especially when your sodium level is not balanced with your body fluids. Don’t get me wrong with this, sodium is important in our body processes, however, it must be balanced with proper fluid intake in order to avoid shrinking of cells.

Doing this self-checking as part of our daily routine could somehow help us to be aware of our diet especially when it has something to do with inhibiting dehydration wrinkles.

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